Ramayanan ballet is a mixing of drama and dance, but without conversation. In Yogyakarta there are two staging places, but the most famous is on the Prambanan temple stage because there are two performances each year, indoor and outdoor. I highly recommend to see the performance outside the room, because it is really beautiful for the stage background and gamelan music accompaniment. The atmosphere is really lively and dynamic.

This story is actually a story of the influence of Hinduism but has been adapted to the culture in Java. which tells the story of the struggle of Sri Rama who sought and released his wife who was kidnapped by an evil giant named Rahwana.The narration of the story will be shown on a projector during the show, so don’t worry, tourists will understand the story.
Open stage of Ramayana ballet performances are usually held from April to October, and for November to March the venue is held inside the building due to the rainy season.performance dance open/ start at 19.00 pm , will end at 22.00 pm.Prambanan temple stage schedule : indoors performance on april – october ( summer season ) and November- Maret ( indoors ) because of raainy weather.

if you are interested in watching the Ramayana ballet performance please contact us, we will prepare the transport and ticket to the location.
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