Plaosan Temple Is Obligate Destination In Jogja


Plaosan temple is the name of the kompleks of plaosan, in bugisan village. The plaosan kompleks is defiden by two part, plaosan lor and plaosan kidul. This temple is about 1 km from prambanan temple. If you go to jogja you must visit this temple!.

Jogja And Plaosan Temple Cant Be Separate!

This is buddhis temple. We can know this from architecture of this building, there is arca budha and small temples perwara to indicate this is buddhis temple.

King rakai pikatan and sri kahulun who build this temple in 9 century. We know this temple also by the name mataram kuno kingdom. As we know that this temple defided into plaosan lor and kidul, we want to explain you about this.

  • Plaosan Lor. There are two temples in left and right.  In left side is north prime temple as a woman, and in left side is east prime temple as a man. Around this temple there are 160 stupa perwara, 50 perwara temple and moat maker.
  • Plaosan Kidul. It different from plaosan lor because there is no prime temple inside. In this kompleks there are perwara like stupa and temple.
  • Annual Twin Temple Show To make your tour jogja give you different experience you can enjoy the annual twin temple show in this temple. You can enjoy the region dance in this time.

Don’t worry about transport jogja because you can go to around jogja with suhune transport jogja with a low budget. When you go to tour in jogja and go to this spot will give you different experience, so this is the reason why beetwen jogja and plaosan temple cant be separated.

So, don’t think anything else, you must spend your holiday or your other time to tour in jogja and visit plaosan temple.

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