vacation in Jogjakarta, it’s not complete without visiting Parangtriris beach, one of the beaches is quite phenomenal because of its beauty and because of some of its mystical stories. Intrigued by this beach, see my following review.

The beach is located in the Bantul district of the province of Yogyakarta Special Region and can be reached approximately 45 minutes from downtown Yogyakarta. This beach is very good for enjoying the sunset, you can enjoy a sunset at some famous spots, namely:

  • at the beach
  • Paragliding area
  • Gumuk Pasir area

the waves are very big because this is an Indonesian ocean (open ocean) whose wave character is different, compare with a north sea of ​​the island of Java. So visitors are strongly advised to obey the signs that have been made by the beach officer.

The uniqueness of the mystical side of the Parangtritis beach.

Javanese people believe that the beach has a close relationship with the existence of the Yogyakarta palace, where if drawn a straight line will be a synergy starting from Mount Merapi, Yogyakarta Palace, and Parangtritis beach. On this beach, there is always a routine ceremony held by the Yogyakarta palace in Suro month or any other month that has special meaning to the palace, we called “labuhan“.

Javanese people believe there is a special relationship between the king of Yogya palace and the Quen of the southern sea, Kanjeng Ratu Kidul.
Javanese people also believe that if they visit Parang Tritis, they do not use the green colored gadung mlati clothes, because that color is the favorite color of the Kanjeng queen Kidul.

it is a glimpse of the beautiful Parangtritis beach in Jogjakarta. if you are interested and want to visit this beach, please contact us, and we will help you.
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