talking about tourism beaches in Yogyakarta there will never-ending. Jogja becomes a tourist paradise in Java. Ow, cool to lives in Jogja. At the moment, I m going to review Indrayanti beach.

The beach located in Gunungkidul, Special Region of Yogyakarta.can be reached around 2 hours from downtown Yogyakarta by motorbike, public transportation or rent car ( private rent car ). Our recommended by Private rent car” Suhune Transport Jogja”, one of the experienced providers in Yogyakarta.

actually the beach has the name ” Pulang Syawal “, because there is a restaurant that the owner name”s is Mr. Indra and Mrs. Yanti, finally, people called this beach by Indrayanti beach, hahahaha… That’s funny. and this is a true story.

This beach has a stretch of white sand that is quite captivating, coral reefs where fish and marine life and also beautiful cliffs to take selfies, So it is suitable for family holidays or everybody who like to take pictures. Choose the right time to go there, get a good panorama and make your memorable moment. You can bask in the sun, or enjoy seafood by the beach.

Other facilities provided by the manager are Mosque, toilets, and there are also already good lodging accommodations and can be adjusted to your budget.
In the afternoon you can also enjoy the beauty of the sunset either by the beach or from the hill on the beach. The entrance fee is IDR 10 k/pax, very cheap and worth to get the moment.

Anyone who want to come to the beach, let you contact us on number +6287738156831 ( Ratno. Whatsapp ), email- :

Love Yogyakarta and you, warmest regard Suhune transport Jogja

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