One of smaller hindu temple in Jogjakarta is Ijo temple.Built at 10 century on MEDANG KINGDOOM moment. located on Sambirejo village, Prambanan subdistrct, Sleman district provinc Jogjakarta.

It was located arround 4 kilometers southeast from Ratu Boko temple. The Hindu temple houses a large Linggam and Yoni symbol of Shiva.
The temple is consists of one main temple with three lesser temple. present for Tri Murti God ( Brahma, Wisnu and Syiwa )located on hill top on another hill and quite remote ( highest hill in Jogjakarta . There is a popular legend story in central java people about ijo temple. There was a king in the boko palace named prabu boko.Prabu Boko is a powerful king who is unrivaled, so that the surrounding kingdoms including Prambanan can be conquered.As a result of his defeat, the princess from the prambanan kingdom with a beautiful face named Roro Jonggrang had to become a prisoner of war and become the wife of Prabu Boko.even though the princess doesn’t love him. Luckily there was a knight named Bandung Bondowoso, who was willing to help her to kill Prabu Boko.And finally indeed King Boko succeeded in killing him, so it was safe for Roro Jonggrang’s position and not to be the wife of King Boko. temple is the best spot temple for sunset in Jogjakarta,you also enjoying international Adisucipto airport below that gave you landed or take off the plane.the destination advisable to reach these temples with taxi (from Yogyakarta) or rented car/private driver tour. Private driver tour is better, couse in general they have experience driver, speaking english driver and you can improve your time as such you want.SUHUNE TRANSPORT JOGJA is one of private driver style provider that make everithing comfort on your tour at Jogjakarta. Suhune Transport Jogja served you as be your companion tour.The ticket entrance is cheaper arround 30k /person.ENJOY THE VIEW at ijo temple from hill with suhune transport jogja.
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