Here’s the Reason Why We Must Go To Mendut Temple


Jogja and Magelang was near the city, so why we must go to Magelang city and looking for mendut temple? This the reason bellow.

If you plan your holiday go-to tour in Jogja you must visit the temples over there for example Prambanan. But, near Jogja, there is Magelang city that also has a unique temple over there like mendut temple. You must spend your holiday in that temple to get new experience.

Why Must We Go To Tour Jogja And Visit Mendut Temple?

Maybe all of the people know about Prambanan temple when they go to tour in Jogja and forget one thing. Except for the prambanan temple in Jogja, there is mendut temple in Magelang. It has a good view and a unique concept of the building.

The location is in mayor kusen street, mungkid city, magelang regency. It’s about 3 km from Borobudur temple.

If you curious about the answer why must-visit mendut temple, the reason bellow will explain to you why we must go and visit mendut temple.

  1. Wallpaper, If you love much about art you will get an amazing view in the wall area in the temple. Carved object in the wall is creatures of khayangan like dewata gandarwa, aspara, monkeys, or angel.
  • Relief, There is much relief in the wall but we just want to explain only two reliefs. First relief in the wall like a painting story about an animal from pancatantra or jataka. Second relief tells us the story about goose and turtle. if you want to know the detailed relief and the story behind you may go to mendut temple exactly.
  • Buddhist Monastery, a Buddhist monastery in mendut area make us feel fresh air and back to nature. In this Buddhist monastery, there are a garden, dormitory, sculpture and etc. you must visit this place.

How to reach the temple ?

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