Drive Your Adrenalin by Visiting This Place in Yogyakarta


In interest to being popular for its historic sites and harmonious in cultural values, Yogyakarta is a treasure trove of amazing natural scenery.

Jomblang Cave

jomblang cave
jomblang cave

On the way down as far as approximately 80 meters from the mouth of the cave, a very strong humid aroma burst from the trees and cave walls. It was an exciting and stressful experience!

In the afternoon (between 10 am to 2 pm), sunlight entering the cave through the hole above the cave and illuminating the trees gives a truly amazing view.

Because of its location which is difficult to reach and limited by the number of visitors, it would be better if you make a reservation before visiting this place. Bring a change of clothes, including a pair of extra socks, because you will get dirty here.

With a distance of 750 meters, initially the journey to this place is not too difficult. Visitors will be welcomed by a path between the grove of fields.

After that, then you will be faced with a steep staircase and almost perpendicular to the edge of the cliff as high as 400 meters and a very narrow path.

Meditating behind the water curtain “Curug Luweng Sampang”

Immerse yourself in the cool mountain water that flows directly from the Sewu Mountains will certainly give its own freshness. Also satisfy your curiosity by exploring various hidden tunnels and niches behind this waterfall.

Special trekker and hiker who wants to explore Lawu mount, please let you know I tell you this one
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Sunrise on Merbabu (Camping)

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