The understanding of batik is a media (cloth/wood) that was given a pictures and coloring with special processing. Usually, they use a “Malam” combined with natural or chemical color to make it.

Because this is the ancestral heritage of the Indonesian people, finally Unesco gave a certificate stating that the batik is an authentic heritage and one of the cultures of the Indonesian people. Wow … cool. this is a pride for me as a citizen of Indonesia.

Batik Variant

Depent the processing, there are 3 variants of batik.


We called batik tulis, the manufacturing process is :

  • painted with a pencil on cloth/wood, then colored with color material.,using a coloring tool ( canting ) following the drawing line. part of the path that protect from color, must cover by Malam. Canting have many sizes depending on the size of the line or path that needs to make coloring.
  • boil the cloth to make sure the coloring finish, and remove “Malam” from cloth, and drying process under the light sun.
  • the process should be a long time around 2/3 month depend on the size of the material/ light of the sun.

Because of the unique and long processing time, that makes the price become expensive.


We called a batik cap. The manufacturing processing are:

  • Prepare the pattern and clothes, usually the stamped made from brass.
  • put the coloring material on stamped, then push attack directly to the canvas/ clothes. the resulting images most symmetrical.
  • finishing process similar to handmade variant, but it needs a shorter time than hand made.


Most of the processes same as t-shirt printing or plastic printing. The processing can faster than the other, so the worker can be accepted more job orders, and the price more cheaper compare to the both one process. This batik mostly similar to the garment factory produced.because if the design approved then applied directly to machine and process go on.

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