A Unique Facts About Prambanan Temple


When you go to tour Jogja you must visit the Prambanan temple. There are unique facts about the Prambanan temple bellow!

All of the people know about the Prambanan temple and the story behind this temple. If you go to tour Jogja on holiday you must visit this place. To find the Prambanan location is very easy, so don’t be confused about the place.

This temple is sacred to 3 gods of Hindu we can call by Brahma as the god of a creator, Siwa as a god of extermination and Vishnu as a god of caretaker. Based on prasasti siwagrha (the meaning home of siwa in sansekerta) the original name of this temple’s complex is siwagrha.

This fact bellow!

  • Legacy Of World UNESCO, In 1991 UNESCO was determined the Prambanan temple as a legacy of the world. Its because the building of Prambanan is very wonderful and has a legend story behind this.
  • Most Beautifull Temple In South East Asia, This temple is one of the biggest temples in Indonesia and the most beautiful temple in Asia. The architecture of this building is very high and slim based on other Hindu buildings.
  • Was lost, Because quake in 16-century Prambanan temple was lost and people in this area build again this temple without knowing who the king and which kingdom build this temple.
  • A Legend History, Based on imagination, people make a legend history about this temple, we can call with roro jonggrang story. Many people believe that the story is real and tell this story to their children.

Because the place also in middle town so you can use public transportation or use personal transportation. The price to enter this temple is very cheap so don’t worry about the budget!

You can ride a bicycle in the Prambanan complex or do some exercise in the morning because you will get fresh air at this time. For transportation, you can use Suhune transport Jogja to be an agent tour in Jogja.

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